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Stop Leaks Effectively with Chemical Grouting in Houston

It is important to remember that waste isn’t just what is on top of the soil. Around landfills and waste sites, contaminations can end up seeping into the soil as well. How do you stop this unwanted contamination leak? You put a stop to it with chemical grouting in Houston from Pier-A-Mid Inc.

Rigid or flexible grouts can be injected into the soil mass to form a floor, cap, or vertical walls. This stops the migration of contaminants from spreading further out of the landfill. Furthermore, chemical water stops and cement grouts offer adhesion or cohesion capabilities to the strata where future migration can occur. This enables you to lock up the growing plum before it gets out of hand.

Contact us to learn all about how our chemical grouting services can isolate the target zone from any vertical groundwater flow that could spread contamination. The more effectively you are able to stop contamination, the less likely you are to break local codes or be subject to lawsuits. Some of the different types of grouting services we offer include: