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Blanket Grouting

Contaminants found in soils around landfills and waste sites require below-grade containment of the known migration of the contaminants which can be resolved with grouting in Pasadena. Rigid or flexible grouts can be injected into the soil mass to form a cap, floor or vertical walls. Chemical grouts in Houston and cement grouts can offer adhesion or cohesion capabilities to the strata where future migration will occur, locking up the growing plum.

Horizontal sheets of grout can be injected at a pressure exceeding bearing load, to blanket under or over a target zone. This can isolate the target from vertical groundwater flow through the zone.

Blanket grouting, coupled with permeation grouted walls, can completely encapsulate a target zone at depth.

Chemical Grouting in Houston

Chemical Grouts

Chemical grouts can be used for a variety of structures such as dams, tunnels, wastewater, cooling plants and soil formations. Chemical grouts are used to cut off fluids and increase shear, tensile or compressive strengths of structures and soils. Another common use of chemical grouts is for waterproofing structures or containing airborne contaminants. Chemical grouts, whether rigid or flexible, can be injected either by drilling, driving downhole pipe or jetting.

Our focus is remedial projects involving restoration. We perform emergency response actions across the United States.

Chemical grouts have a range of properties that are useful in a wide variety of structural and sealing repairs. Viscosity, setting time and expansiveness can be customized to optimize permeation, strength, or plugging of fluid passages.

Some acrylic grouts with a viscosity less than 2 cP (twice that of water) can be used to build cutoff walls in even fine sands, or find and seal joints in clay and cracks in concrete. These are finding application in groundwater containment, as an alternative to fully penetrating sheet pile, slurry walls, or soilcrete columns, because the grout curtain can be placed at specific intervals at depth. They can also be used with compact, unobtrusive drilling equipment for secondary containment around leaky sumps, without taking them out of service.

Top-of-the-Line Chemical Grouts in Houston

A fast-setting, expansive urethane grout can seal off high-pressure or high-velocity fluid flows, and be followed by slower setting grout that penetrates smaller fissures. Such sequenced applications have been used in earthen dam repair (where there are piping and settling) and limestone bedrock (with karst solution channeling, and weathering joints).

Chemical Water Stops

Hydrophilic, hydrophobic polyurethane's, acrylate, and epoxy grouts can be used to fill water entry paths, encapsulate reinforcement steel in concrete fractures, lift lines in Dams and failed construction and expansion joints.

Polyurethanes and epoxies with a variety of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties and setting times can be injected to fill water entry paths, encapsulate reinforcing steel in fractures, and seal parted construction and expansion joints.

In some cases, soil modifications may also be necessary. We do provide an extensive array of soil modification services from soil nailing to soil stabilization and more. For more information on soil modifications, you can contact us at 713.869.7632.