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Compaction & Cementitious Grouting in Houston, TX

Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting is commonly used to tighten soil formations or to lift structures, vessels, footers, piers, railroads tracks and roadways where settlement has occurred, Downhole ground up compaction grouting is a very effective way of cutting off flowing waters in soil formations such as earthen Dams or soil or along waterways. Injection of close cell expansive rigid chemical foams to low slump cementitious grouts from ground up or ground down for densification or to create heave.

Compaction Grouting Mixing Truck

Compaction grouting is commonly used to tighten a soil formation, or to raise structures that have settled. Injection of closed cell, expansive, rigid chemical grout, or of low-slump cementitious grouts, from ground up or ground down, can increase density and load bearing strength, or create heave.

Cementitious Grouting

Grouting with particulate, suspension or chemical grouts can be performed in soils or around structures. Injection of micro fine cement to mixing or Portland, soil, fly ash with chemical grouts for injection to cut off high-volume/high-pressure piping water.

Cement Grouting