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Long-Lasting Cementitious Grouting in Houston, TX

Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting

Every structure needs a firm foundation to sit on. However, the reality is that construction doesn’t always occur under ideal circumstances. When you need to firm up a soil formation or lift a structure that’s settled into the soil, rely on Pier-A-Mid Inc. We utilize cementitious grouting in Houston, TX, and other solutions to help your building stand the test of time.

Compaction Grouting Mixing Truck

Cementitious grout is a fluid mixture that can be pumped under pressure to fill in voids. It works well in soil and around structures. In fact, the right mixture of cementitious grout can even be injected to cut off high-volume, high-pressure water. It’s a long-lasting, high-performance, and cost-effective solution that works well for numerous applications; contact us to find out more.

Compaction Grout Also Available

Our crew is pleased to also work with compaction grouting, also known as low mobility grouting. Like cementitious grout, the compaction variety is commonly used to improve the bearing capacity of soil, decrease settlement risk, lift sunken structures, and cut off flowing water. Find out if this is the right solution for you by calling us for a consultation.

Cement Grouting