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Permeation Grouting & Concrete Restoration in Houston, TX 

Concrete Restoration for Multiple Industries

We provide architectural and structural restoration or coating of concrete for chemical attack. Cementitious, chemical, or mixed grouts can repair concrete by sealing cracks and protecting reinforcing steel for architectural and structural restoration or prevent chemical attack by surface coatings.

When you own any type of property, it’s important to make sure it’s in stable condition at all times. A faulty structure or foundation can result in disastrous effects for your building or worse, its residents and visitors. In many cases, damage to a building’s concrete parts is not visible to the untrained eye, so get in touch with our team for concrete restoration in Houston, TX. We’ll perform a full inspection of your property and come up with a comprehensive plan to restore your surfaces, foundation, and other concrete areas. We specialize in a variety of restoration and protection methods including permeation grouting, sealing, and coating against chemical damage. We have experience with many industries including gas and oil, chemical, nuclear, and light and heavy commerce.

Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting is used in any formation that will allow fluid or gas migration. Injection of low viscosity chemical (solution) or particulate (suspension) grouts into in situ soils will lock up granular sand/silts in a formation or stop channeling. Injection can be performed with either electrometric or rigid grouts. In rock formations, grouts can be used for water cutoff, for refining, or slope failure.

Permeation grouting is performed at less than lithostatic pressure, with low viscosity grout, which then penetrates granular soil or fractured bedrock porosity. Some chemical grouts can be, injected with viscosity less than 2 cP, with setting times adjustable up to 30 hours; when set, they are elastic and resistant to most chemicals.

Permeation grouting is typically used to place groundwater cutoff walls through rows of driven pipe. The cutoff is placed in the target zone and does not have to penetrate all the way from the surface like a sheet pile, slurry wall, or line of mixed sodcrete columns. Permeation grouts can also be used to stabilize ground against slope failure and add compressive strength under foundations.

Improve Your Property’s Structural Integrity and Performance

When it comes to protecting your business or industrial property, it’s best to be proactive regarding preventative maintenance and inspections. Our team can perform in-depth inspections of your concrete surfaces and supports and repair any problems before they have a chance to create any serious financial or safety issues. One of the ways we reinforce and restore concrete is through permeation grouting. This method helps stabilize your building against erosion and shifting soils for many long years.

Contact us to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable professional or to schedule service. We proudly serve clients in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.